University Projects

Daily Acceptance

A short game where you will play as a former police officer who, after the loss of his daughter and faith in the justice system, finds himself living a purposeless life.

You can download the game for free here.

Check out the trailer here.

Snow Business

A one level project made at University as part of a team. You will play as a skier whose goal is to reach the lake at the bottom of the mountain in the shortest amount of time while collecting as many gold coins as possible.

You can download the game for free here.

The Awakening of Thorus

A project designed during my third year at University. Play as Erro and find The Artefact before it is too late!

Check all the details here.

True Nature of man

A short interactive story I have designed at University that revolves around the concept of time.

Check all the details here.

3D Models

Models and sculptures created using Blender, rendered and textured in Substance Painter.