Fort Strongpeak

Level Overview

  • The project showcases a fort I have designed and created which was inspired by Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. 
  • The setting of the level is a rocky mountain on which the fort is located.
  • The player can approach the level both in an aggressive and stealth way. Both rooftops and ground paths are available.
  • The main goal of the level is to free a prisoner and escort him out of the fort safely. 

Level Flow (Diagram)

2D Level Layout

2D Layout of the level map (First Draft).

2D Layout of the level map with key gameplay elements.

2D Layout of the level map with no key gameplay elements.

Map Legend

3D Level Layout

Level Structure
  • The level contains a total of six main structures: stables, guards chambers, guards H.Q., prison blocks and two housing buildings. It also features five towers and a main gate.
  • The player is free to choose between an aggressive approach and a stealth one, as well as either ground or rooftop paths.
  • There are bridges, cables and stairs that connect buildings with each other allowing the player to have the high ground on enemies and therefore performing assassinations from strategic positions.
  • The level also features several hideout points which will allow the player to disappear if the situation becomes too overwhelming.
  • There are plenty of props and climbing points for the player to access higher grounds so that the motion of the level will not get interrupted but, on the other hand, it will continue to flow perfectly.
  • Finally, the level contains tight spaces for the player to be stealthy as well as more open ones in case of a straight on fight with several enemies at the same time.
Level Flow
  • The goal of the game is to free a prisoner and escort him out of Fort Strong Peak.
  • The level starts with the player on top of a cliff (Observation Point), which will give him a general idea of where enemies are located as well as hideout points and paths within the fort.
  • The player will then be able to enter the fort either through the main gate or through a broken part of the wall on the east side.
  • When entering through the main gate the player will have the possibility to continue on the ground path and encounter the first guard or climb either the stable or house to access the roof path.
  • After exploring the area the player will enter the Prison Blocks and locate the prisoner that needs to be freed which will trigger the next sub goal: finding the guard that holds the key to the cell.  *(The guard with the key won’t spawn until the prisoner is located, therefore the player can’t have the key at this point. Even if the player kills every guard in the fort before locating the prisoner, more guards will appear triggered by the alarm in the prison block).
  • In order to find the guard that holds the key the player will have to eavesdrop the guards which will eventually say that the guard holding the key is the captain (Guards H.Q.).
  • The player will then have to locate and kill the captain to obtain the key and go back to the prisoner and open the cell at which point the second sub goal will be completed.
  • The final part of the mission will now start which is to leave the fort while protecting the prisoner.
  • There is a secret path the player can take within the prison blocks which leads the player outside the wall on the west side of the fort. However that path can only be accessed if the player finds the key to the underground gate. *( this is optional and the key might not be found).
  • If the player will not be able to leave the fort through the underground passage they will have to go back to the main gate and kill the guards while escorting the prisoner.

Reference Images / Inspiration


* The Parkour system used was not made by me, you can find it here. *