About Me

My Story

Hello traveller, and welcome to my site. My name is Pietro Mascellino and I am a humble wanderer who seeks the thrill of adventure. I was born in a city called Palermo, located on the green island of Sicily, an ancient land filled with tall trees and surrounded by the great blue sea. I was born roughly two decades ago and I have levelled up through the University of East London, where I have studied Game Design.

My Generic Skills

Lateral Thinking – During my university training, I developed different skills. Sometimes problems are unsolvable with traditional methods. For this reason, cases may arise where thinking outside the box is a fundamental skill in order to solve problems or sometimes prevent them from arising in the first place.

Teamwork – Another basic but fundamental skill I have obtained from my university training is teamwork. It is not always possible for an individual to solve a specific problem, but by working in a team it is possible to achieve extremely difficult – if not apparently impossible – goals.

Working under pressure – Another skill I’ve learned at the university is to work successfully under pressure. Working under conditions such as stress and time limits, certain expectations and presentation of ideas in public is on the agenda.


My Designer Skills:

During my University studies I have also acquired the following Designer technical skills:

Unity 100%
Photoshop 50%
Word Press 50%
Creative Writing 80%
Narrative Design 100%
Twine 70%
Blender 60%
Visual Studio - C# 50%