A lost Island


This is an island (3 km2) I have sketched, white boxed, and designed which the player can explore.

The level flow is fairly linear, however, it is possible to stray away from the main path.

In this project, I have applied some of the most common, but efficient, techniques used in order to guide the player towards a specific location in space.


The right direction is indicated by the slight inclination of some trees. More in the specific, the trees that are closer to the trail.

There are a few indicators that help guide the player:

– The inclination of the trees closer to the trail.
– The layout of the terrain form three lines that point toward the center.
– The main focus of the player is the exact center of the screen, which forms an arc thanks to the positioning of the biggest rocks in the field of view.

Besides the inclined trees, the layout of the terrain forms a diagonal that originates from the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Despite the trail is interrupted and the field of view of the player is increased, the attention is well-focused on the desired point thanks to a few elements:

– The rocks in the water allow the player to keep following the direction even though there is no trail.
– The layout of the terrain forms a diagonal that is originated from the top-left corner of the screen.
– The inclined trees help the player focus on the center of the screen which is aided, as well, by the opposite shore that cuts the screen exactly in half.


Volumetric light has been used to guide the player towards the desired direction.

In most cases, the light creates diagonals from one of the corners of the screen, which are among the most effective spots for guidance.


For the white-boxed version of the level, the key items have been placed. In this case the inclined trees (in green), the biggest rocks (in yellow), and the cabin (in orange).

The terrain layout has also been designed in order to create a reference in size, location, and space for the overall level.


None of the assets were made by me. Each of the assets was legally used according to the requirements of their licenses.